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A commitment to your child's education at an affordable cost.

Bourbon Christian Academy believes that families should be able to provide the best education for their children at the most affordable cost.  With an emphasis on excellence, we believe we have curated the perfect curriculum to take your child to  the next level of their education.​

At BCA, we charge $2,500 a year.  This can be paid yearly or monthly.  Collaborative courses for high school students come at an additional tuition cost per year.  We believe these costs are competitive and fair and ensure that your child is given the best education at the most affordable cost. There also is a $75 enrollment fee. Book fees will be assessed per grade.

For more information or to discuss scholarship options, contact Terry Smith at 859-749-9566. To apply, please download the application and email it to Terry at

The perfect curriculum at a cost that is competitive and fair.
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