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Fostering an atmosphere of growth and excellence.

During the elementary school years, we work to increase our students' understanding and mastery of eight essential learning skills:

  • Creative and critical thinking

  • Collaboration

  • Effective communication

  • Independent learning

  • Appropriate resourcing and knowledge application

  • Risk-taking

  • Creating options and making choices

  • Authentic self-confidence

Realizing their God-given potential in a safe, secure learning environment.


The first, second, and third grade classroom cultures provide a nice balance of child-centered learning and collaborative learning.  At this developmental stage, children are exploring their own interests and curiosities yet our teachers are serving as guides in content areas such as literacy, math, and science.

In the early elementary grades, children are exposed to a variety of quality literature and original source materials.  Students are taught Bible lessons, language arts (which include literature, grammar, and writing), fundamental mathematic concepts, and are exposed to science, health, and history.


Fourth and fifth grade are dynamic, transitional years that build independence with an appropriately developmental focus on individual responsibility.  In these grades, the interpersonal and academic expectations presented to students gradually increase in order to allow for more autonomy in the classroom.  As a result, students are authentically engaged in genuine explorations of peer dynamics and conflict resolution, enriching class discussion that are relevant and purposeful, and continued growth as reflective members of our school.

In the upper elementary years, students transition to more difficult material.  Reading for content is encouraged in all subject areas, and students develop critical thinking skills by finding, organizing, processing, and sharing information with their peers both orally and in writing.  Students practice applying familiar concepts in math and learn how to strategically use the four processes of mathematics.  Language arts emphasize usage and the writing process.  The science textbook presents concept they can see, observe, and understand in the world around them.  History brings famous people, events, and geography to life from a biblical perspective.

Elementary students attend Monday-Thursday from 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM.

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