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Preparing students for the future.

Bourbon Christian Academy is dedicated to meeting the high school required academic courses necessary for graduation.  Students are taught by a dedicated group of teachers to realize their God-given potential in a safe, secure environment.  Using the faith-based A Beka curriculum, students are taught grammar and composition, literature, spelling, mathematics, sciences, and history (American and World) as well as classes in various humanities.  Students also participate in a Bible course.

World-ready students developed through academic excellence and a faith-based perspective.

BCA offers dual enrollment to 11th/12th grade students that exhibit the required ability to attend college and high school classes simultaneously.  For more information on our collaborative opportunities, click here.

Service-learning projects are an integral part of the high school curriculum.  Service-learning projects also provide students with an opportunity to apply what they have learned for the benefit of their local community.

High school students attend Monday-Thursday from 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM.

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