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English 9 is a literature, grammar and writing course that focus on genre and literary devices, as they are used to achieve specific purposes in writing.

The anthology text themes in literature seeks to build good character qualities in students while increasing their enjoyment of good literature.  Each unit is based on a theme such as courage, faith, joy, justice, or humility.  Leo Tolstoy, Nathaniel Hawthorne, O. Henry, William Cowper, Guy de Maupassant are a few of the famous authors whose works are represented.  Readings fit the categories of short stories, poems, non-fiction, plays, and novels.  Students will read one (1) additional novel per nine weeks.

The traditional writing work-text emphasizes the fundamentals of grammar and develop your students' ability to think analytically and write clearly and effectively.  The writing topics and skills are chosen to correlate with the literature.  Students will have weekly writing assignments and will learn how to systematically write an essay. They will complete four (4) to five (5) essays during the year.

Students should expect to spend four (4) to six (6) hours outside of class completing each week's assignments.

Text books will be ordered by the director.  Students will be responsible for purchasing the required novels as assigned by instructor.


Leo Tolstoy

Nathaniel Hawthorne

Harper Lee

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