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English 10 is a literature and writing course focusing on genre and literary devices, as they are used to achieve specific purposes in writing.

Readings, drawn from a world literature anthology, begins with a collection of enjoyable prose and poetry from classics such as Dickens, Poe, Goethe, Tolstoy, and Hugo.  Arranged to illustrate literary devices such as character development, plot, theme, setting, and imagery, these selections encourage students to appreciate great literature.  The text concludes with a brief study of excerpts from major ancient and modern works presented in historical sequence, enabling students to think through the history of ideas from a Christian perspective.  Students will also study drama and learn about Elizabethan and Greek theaters.  The curriculum includes many short reading selections as well as Antigone, Shakespeare's The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, and George Eliot's Silas Marner.  Students will read one (1) additional novel per nine weeks as assigned by instructor.  Readings containing adult themes and ideas will be discussed from a biblical perspective.

The writing topics and skills are chosen to correlate with the literature and to teach students how to synthesize, analyze, support, and effectively communicate ideas.  The traditional grammar and writing work-text emphasizes the fundamentals of grammar and develops students' ability to think analytically and to write clearly and effectively.  Students write paragraph book reviews, descriptions, summaries, and essays to apply their knowledge of grammar and sharpen their writing skills.  In addition to weekly writing assignments, students will write six (6) to eight (8) essays, including a research paper.

Students should expect to spend six (6) to eight (8) hours outside of class completing each week's assignments.


George Eliot

Charles Dickens

William Shakespeare

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