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English 11 is an upper high school level literature and writing course taught using American literature.

Readings from an American literature anthology text helps students to love and appreciate the literature of our country.  The anthology is divided into four parts--An American Sampler, the Great Age of Romanticism, Expressions of America, and the Twentieth Century.  Authors include Irving, Cooper, Whittier, Twain, Frost, Thurber, and many others.  The selections are arranged by genre, including short story, drama, poetry, essay, and sermon.  Transcendentalism and the literary trends of the twentieth century are evaluated from a Christian perspective.  Later units include a chronological study of American literature from Romanticism to the twentieth century.  Students will read one (1) additional novel per nine weeks.  Readings containing adult themes and ideas will be discussed from a biblical perspective.

The writing topics and skills are chosen to correlate with the literature and to teach students how to synthesize, analyze, support, and effectively communicate ideas.  The traditional grammar and writing work-text emphasizes the fundamentals of grammar and develops students' ability to think analytically and to write clearly and effectively.  Students are given a thorough explanation of the writing process to help them learn how to plan, write, re-write, and edit.  Besides learning good general principles for writing paragraphs and themes, students receive clear and concise instructions and well-written models for writing a wide variety of specific kinds of compositions.  

Students should expect to spend six (6) to eight (8) hours outside of class completing each week's assignments.

Mark Twain

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Washington Irving

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